Meet Bluey and Bingo!

5 June 2024

We’re delighted to welcome three Valais Blacknose Sheep to Mini Meadows Farm.

Youngsters Bluey and Bingo are joined by their Mum, Jessie.

Valais Blacknose sheep are a special breed of sheep that come from the mountains of Switzerland. They are easy to recognise because they have black faces and legs, whilst the rest of their wool is white and very curly. These sheep are friendly and gentle, making them popular on farms like ours and even as pets.

Valais Blacknose sheep are also known for their thick, warm wool, which is great for making clothes and blankets. They are hardy animals, able to live in tough, cold conditions, which is perfect for their mountain homes and here in Northamptonshire.

You can now see the them every day at the farm as part of your standard admission.

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