Alpaca Shearing

3 May 2023

The weather is hotting up, which can only mean one thing … our alpacas need a haircut to ensure they don’t overheat during the summer months!

Wayne (our resident alpaca shearer) will be joining us from 10am, on Saturday, 27th May to start his hairdressing salon. The whole process will take about six minutes for each alpaca and causes no harm or distress.

Fancy joining us? It’s a great opportunity to ask any questions and find out more about our alpacas.

Many people ask us what we do with the wool … well the fibres from their fleece are great for lining small animal beds or bird nests and will be on sale in our shop.

So don’t leave empty-handed, fill a bird feeder with some of our alpaca wool and hang it in your garden! Birds will take bits to line their nests to make them nice and cozy!

To join us, simply book online and select our standard entry farm ticket and then head over to our shearing station. A member of our team will direct you at check-in!