Summer haircuts for the alpacas

14 June 2021

The sunshine is finally here and we’ve been getting the animals ready for the heatwave.

The alpacas have had their summer makeovers, and it was the first haircut for our baby alpacas (crias).

Although it may look uncomfortable, the technique used is the safest both for the alpacas and the shearer, and is all done very quickly and doesn’t hurt them.

Alpacas generally get sheared once a year between the beginning of spring to middle of summer.

It’s not for cosmetic reasons, it’s actually for health reasons to stop them from overheating in the summer.

The fibres from their fleece can be used to make lots of different things such as hats, socks, gloves, toys and even rugs.

Birds also love it for nest building and we will be selling it in the shop so you can put it in your garden for the birds to make lovely soft and cosy nests for their babies.