When we set up Mini Meadows Farm it was our aim to become one of the country’s leading producers of top quality rare breed and hybrids hens. We certainly achieved that and at our peak we were selling over 12,000 hens a year.

Over the last 3 years the country has been hit with avian flu every winter and although we have never been affected, it has meant that all our poultry had to be kept indoors for a great deal of time. We simply haven’t had the room to do this properly so our breeding programme had to be reduced dramatically. This in addition to the very wet winters has seen sales slow and so we have taken the difficult decision to stop selling hens.

It is possible that we come back to it in a few years but for the time being, as of January 2019 we will no longer be selling hens. It is a great shame, we have loved every minute of it and thank you to all of you for buying hens from us. We will of course still have the farm and have rare breed hens on display, so you can still get your ‘hen fix’.

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