If you’re going away on holiday, finding someone to look after your chickens can be a bit of a pain. A neighbour is great but if they’re not poultry enthusiasts themselves what happens if there’s a problem?! We are happy to look after them for you, offering our experience and knowledge to ensure they’re in the safest hands whilst you’re away.

Your chickens will be kept safe in our ‘visitor accommodation’ and housed away from our chickens for sale, to minimise disease risk. We now have six coops for our guests to stay in. Your chickens will be kept in safe, secure houses and large 3m x 3m fully enclosed runs that are cleaned and disinfected after each group. Your girls will have space, comfortable sleeping quarters, bars for roosting and a comfy nest box to lay. They will be kept on sanitised bark mulch rather than mud which is disinfected on a regular basis.

We also welcome cockerels (no matter how noisy!).

Your girls (and boys) will be fed layers pellets and given constant fresh water. You are welcome to bring your own feed if you prefer and any other additions to their regular routine. Your hens will be kept in clean, healthy conditions and we will clean the coop and run out as necessary.

We charge per night, not per hen and the cost is inclusive of bed, board and our care and attention.

1 – 4 birds £5 per night
5 – 8 birds £8 per night
9 – 12 birds £11 per night
12+ birds £15 per night

Please note there is a minimum stay charge of £20.00.

Daily Red Mite Powder application – Just in case your hens are suffering a little with the awful red mites, we can help you with that. For an additional charge of just £3 per hen we will treat them daily with red mite powder.

Detox – Worming – If your hens are due to be wormed, we can do this for you while they are here, using licensed wormer Flubenvet. There will be an additional one off charge of £2.50 per hen for this service.

We can also look after your rabbits and guinea pigs too but please ask about this service as space is limited.

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