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Set in 12 acres of the rolling Northamptonshire countryside in the village of Welford, is Mini Meadows Farm a lovely little children’s farm boasting a large array of cute, not so cute, small and not so small farm animals, so come and see what we have to show you.

Visitors both young an old get enormous pleasure from meeting our animals. For many it’s a way of transforming pictures they see in books into a living experience…

Please check out the promotional video to the right to see what our farm has to offer for an amazing day out!

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Ask the Farmer

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions…

‘How many eggs will a chicken lay within a year?’

A hybrid hen will lay roughly 280-300 eggs per year! There are many breeds of chicken however who will not lay as many per year.

‘What can I do to stop my chicken being broody?’

There are a few things you can try to stop this but some chickens just will not budge!

You can try shutting her out of the coop every day and preventing her from getting back in. Another method is to move her into a dog crate (or something similar) and provide no bedding so she cannot get comfortable. You can also try putting a cool pack from the freezer into the nest box so it is very cold for the hen and she won’t want to sit. The final thing that can be done if all of these things fail is to try hatching some chicks!

‘Can chickens get colds?

Yes they can, they show the same symptoms as we do by coughing and sneezing. This can be caused by changes in the weather, stress, change in diet and many other factors. Chickens usually get over the cold within a few days but you should try to speed up recovery and encourage your chicken to drink plenty of water and even add some poultry cider vinegar or a poultry tonic to this water. Also try to ensure your chicken is eating plenty of food- this will keep energy levels up and fight the cold off.

‘How many people are covered on the annual membership card?’

For £45 per year this covers entry for 2 adults and 3 children!

‘Can we bring our own picnic?’

Yes! we have lots of benches both indoor and out where you can enjoy a picnic. We do sell basic snacks at our self service Cafe but no hot food.

‘Can we handle any animals?’

We have 4 guinea pig handling times through the day where you can get have one of our lovely guinea pigs on your lap! We have a rabbit run where you can go in and stroke the rabbits and the rest of the animals you can get up close and hand feed.



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We have a whole programme of events lined up for the next year but for the next three months we have:

1. The launch of our new amazing indoor play area.

2. Freaky Farm Farm for Halloween (dates to be confirmed)

3. The BIG Christmas shop...wait and see

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Our tractor racing circuit is in full swing for the next month, until the 20th September when the big build will start for our huge indoor play area. This is not going to be some awful plastic ball pit but an amazing chunky wooden structure with dens, climbing ropes and places to hide. Fingers crossed it will be open by the end of October.

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