What does FACE do?

There is widespread concern about the way children, young people, and their families, have become disassociated from where their food comes from and do not know what is required for a healthy diet and lifestyle. They are also unaware of the many opportunities in the countryside for leisure and social activities, and for employment. We are therefore very keen members of FACE.

FACE aims to meet these educational needs by working with our members and partners to promote visits to farms, and to provide easy access to a wide range of high-quality educational resources and activities to complement both school-based studies and outdoor visits.

Our work with schools and young people is highly successful because of the immediate and widespread benefits of visits to the outdoors, and of using food, farming and the countryside to support many aspects of the curriculum.


FACE’s activities aim to:

• Stimulate interest and excitement;
• Link to all aspects and stages of the school curriculum;
• Allow pupils to see rural activities such as food production first-hand;
• Introduce pupils to a host of leisure activities in the countryside;
• Introduce pupils to rural career opportunities and the world of work.