Pizza ‘Throw Down’ Night

14 May 2024


🤩 Join us on Wednesday 12th June at 6pm for our first ever ‘Pizza Throw Down’ evening at Mini Meadows Farm.
🧑‍🍳 This is your chance to get stuck in and craft the pizza of your dreams at a fun pizza making workshop.
🇮🇹 You will meet our resident Pizza making expert, Charlotte and find out more about the origins of pizza before kneading your very own dough and then stretching your perfect pizza in to shape.
🥓 Once you’ve chosen your perfect selection of toppings, we’ll throw the pizzas in to the oven creating your unique culinary delight.
🎟️ Pre-booking is required and don’t forget your apron, it could get messy!
🤔 What toppings will you choose?
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