Why not visit us at the farm or maybe hatch out your own chicks – it’s all in a day’s work for the eco-school.   DSC_0324

Farm visits

Come and visit us, we have plenty of space to park a coach, have lunch, run around, learn loads and we have a full risk assessment already prepared for you..

How can you engage your whole school in a unique educational experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives?

The answer is the special ‘Hire an Incubator’ scheme from Mini Meadows Farm. We will come to your school, install an incubator with potentially fertilised eggs, egg candler, chick brooders and an information pack; all you need to do is watch and wait! Have eggs at the beginning of their 21 day incubation period or if you want a quick hatch we can provide eggs that will hatch in a couple of days. You’ll receive a chicken-themed educational resource pack with work sheets and activities that cover a range of subjects for Key Stages 1-3 including Maths, English, Art, Science and Technology. ‘Hire an Incubator’ allows you to bring a new and unusual experience into your school with the benefit of teaching your children a range of topics in a refreshing and unique way.

We were one of the first companies in the UK offering this unique educational service for schools. From day one it will be hugely popular in your school and has already proved a hit with teachers, parents and children. (That’s a promise).

The Package

  • Installation of your incubator and 48 ‘potentially’ fertile eggs
  • Instructions and installation of your egg candler and two chick brooders (plus chick crumbs and wood shavings)
  • Full comprehensive instructions and 1 to 1 demonstration
  • Full instructions for the hatching process
  • The cost is £195 (plus delivery)
  • A ‘Hen Hot Line’ service available from 8am until 10pm 7 days a week – call us if you have any questions or if a chick looks ‘under the weather’
  • An educational resource pack and work sheets for Key Stages 1-3

If you would like to Hire an Incubator, or for more information please contact us.