Mini Meadows Map

1 Coffee shop

The coffee shop is amazing. We serve a great selection of truly home made cakes and proper coffee. Plus we have food available from beans on toast through to bacon and brie toasties. All delicious of course.

2 Barn


We have an indoor barn where children can pedal around on mini tractors around our inflatable track.

3 The Lake

The Lake

4 Sheep


We have a lovely small flock of sheep including Jacobs and Shetland breeds.
They are very friendly and will come running over to say hello and eat out of your hands.

5 Miniature Shetland ponies

Miniature Shetland ponies

Our ponies Mia & Millie.
These two are very cheeky and love coming over to say hello to visitors!

6 Cows


Meet Lola, Charlie and Oliver our 3 lovely Dexter cows.

7 Alpacas


Our alpacas Dave, Freddie and John.

8 Geese and Ducks

Geese and Ducks

Our lovely big duck pond is home to a mixture of ducks and geese...usually you can hear the geese before seeing them!

9 Goats


Our lovely goats, Darcy, Billy, Bertie, Picola, Monty, Tommy, Lottie and Tilly. They are a lovely mixed bunch and love to be hand fed.

10 Rheas


These 4 are very inquisitive, a relative of the Ostrich but on a smaller scale.
Best not to hand feed them but they will happily peck food from the cups!

11 Donkeys


Say hello to Harriet and Ellie!
These two ladies are sisters that love each other dearly, you can often see them grooming one another or can hear them calling from across the farm.

12 Kune Kune Pigs

Kune Kune Pigs

These 3 Kune Kune pigs are called Jim, Henry and Matilda.
They are very friendly and love a good scratch, they are however very lazy and spend a lot of time can often hear them snoring!

13 Rabbits


We have a mixture of rabbits all shapes and sizes. many of which you can get up close and stroke them..they also can't resist a carrot!

14 Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs

We have lots of lovely friendly Guinea pigs, you can even handle them throughout the day!

We think our little farm is great but don’t just take our word for it. Here are the some of our reviews from Trip Advisor...

“Great day out”

Just the best day out, children loved it, friendly owners who involve the children with the animals and great value for money.


Best selection of animals and play in Northants, beautiful surroundings and colour-coded animal food for extra entertainment… And all at a fantastic price. Can’t ask for more!

“Great for the kiddies”

Great value for money and fun visit. In fact I would suggest the best value for money experienced in Northants.