Our Vaccination Programme

All the birds that we keep and sell undergo a full vaccination programme for the most commonly occurring conditions.

Vaccination programme for breeding stock

2 courses of vaccination against Salmonella (Vac E & T)
2 courses of vaccination against Mycoplasma

In addition to this, all birds are wormed quarterly throughout the year.

Vaccination programme for young stock

Age in days Vaccination against
1 day Mareks Disease
7 days Salmonella
21 days Newcastles Disease
24 days Gumboro (Infectious Bursal Disease)
35 days Gumboro (Infectious Bursal Disease)
42 days Infectious Bronchitis
45 days Salmonella
49 days Mycoplasma
56 days Infectious Bronchitis Variants
77 days Avian Encephalomyelitis
80 days Infectious Bronchitis Variants
105 days Mycoplasma
112 days Infectious Bronchitis, Newcastles Disease, Avian Rhinotracheitis & Egg drop syndrome

Some of these vaccines are relatively expensive but we feel that this programme ensures that the birds we sell are the best possible quality saving you the potential risk and upset that a disease in your flock could cause.

These vaccinations have been carried out and no ‘top ups’ are required.